All-New Subaru Solterra EV

Expected at Atlantic Subaru in 2022

The All-New 2023 Subaru Solterra: Coming to Bourne, MA, in 2022

As more brands are charging into the future with electric vehicles, it should come as no surprise that Subaru is helping lead the way. At the forefront of exciting all-electric SUVS of the future is the 2023 Subaru Solterra. The Subaru Solterra will combine the latest in electric vehicle technology with the incredible versatility and ruggedness you expect from a Subaru vehicle. If you have been waiting for an electric SUV that can handle off-roading adventures outside Barnstable, then the Subaru Solterra might just be the ideal vehicle for you. Here is what we at Atlantic Subaru know already about the Subaru Solterra.


We do not yet know how the Subaru Solterra will perform in terms of power, torque, towing capacity, and other aspects of the powertrain.  As those details come out, you can always get in touch Atlantic Subaru to learn about them, so that you can better understand how the Subaru Solterra will perform on and off the road in Plymouth, MA. We do know that the Subaru Solterra will come standard with Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, a feature that helps make Subaru vehicles so capable in so many varieties of driving conditions. The Subaru Solterra will also be a fully electric, zero tailpipe emissions SUV, so you won't have to worry about gasoline while you drive it.


While there has yet to be a detailed description or photograph of the Subaru Solterra, we do know that it will have extra ground clearance. Coupled with Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, this feature will help make the Subaru Solterra a truly off-road and all-weather SUV, one that you can take out on trails near Hyannis with confidence.


The Subaru Solterra is expected to be the most technologically advanced Subaru vehicle yet. While we do not yet know the specific features that drivers in Falmouth can expect to find inside the Subaru Solterra, it will likely come loaded with state-of-the-art tech features that they will enjoy. The Subaru Solterra will also come with the latest in electric motor technology. This means that the Solterra will have no tailpipe emissions, making it a vehicle you can feel good about driving into the wilderness.

Advantages of Driving Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have come a long way in the last few years. They remain an excellent option for environmentally conscious drivers in Mashpee who want to drive vehicles that are not dependent on gasoline. When you drive an electric vehicle, you will never have to fill up at the gas station again. In addition to saving money on gasoline, you can just plug in your vehicle at home, or stop at a charging station. Electric vehicles are also more fun to drive than ever before. Electric vehicles can generate nearly instant torque, giving you that incredible rush almost at the exact moment you depress the accelerator. While you enjoy the thrill of driving an electric vehicle, your passengers will likely appreciate how quiet an electric vehicle is. If you are on a long drive, whoever is in the passenger seat will have no trouble taking a nap in a vehicle with no loud combustion engine to make noise.

Learn More about the Subaru Solterra at Atlantic Subaru

If you think the Subaru Solterra is the ideal electric vehicle for you to drive in Truro, then you should contact Atlantic Subaru for updates about it until it comes out in 2022. We will keep up to date on this exciting electric SUV until it is available in our inventory, so to find out more about it, contact us.