The 2018 Subaru Forester vs. The Ford Escape

Cape Cod car shoppers will be bombarded with tons of information about what certain cars offer, which can be confusing and infuriating. To help you out we created a list of how the Subaru Forester compares to the Ford Escape.


There are few aspects that determine how much you spend on your next car, and the Subaru beats the Ford Escape in each one. It has a lower starting MSRP and it comes standard with more features, so you don't have to pay extra to get all the benefits, which can't be said about the Ford Escape.


Having more horsepower and torque not only makes for easier driving on bad road conditions, but also make driving more fun. The Subaru Forester comes standard with more horsepower and torque than the Ford Escape.

On top of this, every Subaru Forester comes standard with all-wheel drive, which makes it ready to conquer snow and ice at any time. The base model Ford Escape won't be ready, as it only comes in front-wheel drive.

Fuel Efficiency

Some manufacturers cut corners in terms of efficiency to give you the power you crave, but that's not true in the Subaru Forester. It gets better fuel efficiency in the city and on the highway than the Ford Escape.


The Subaru Forester makes you excited to get behind the wheel, and it doesn't just have to do with the engine, it has to do with convenient and entertaining features. From the standard AUX input to the optional heated steering wheel, the Subaru Forester has more to offer than the Ford Escape.

See the Advantages of the Subaru Forester in Person!

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