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Your first oil change is on us when you purchase a new Subaru from Atlantic Subaru!

Oil Change Service at Atlantic Subaru

To keep your car healthy for the long term, no service is more important than your oil change. Your engine oil plays a critical role in keeping your engine happy, and it requires changing regularly in order to maintain the level of protection your Subaru needs. Visit Atlantic Subaru and let our team of Subaru service experts keep your engine healthy with an oil change today!

Why Changing Your Oil is Important

Changing your oil is important for a few different reasons, all relating to how motor oil helps protect your engine. Your oil's most critical role is in protecting your internal engine parts from excessive friction by providing a lubricating layer between these fast-moving components. In addition, your engine oil helps manage internal heat as it cycles through the engine, assisting your coolant in maintaining a safe operating temperature.

How you drive affects the life of your engine oil, so if you frequently drive in city traffic, in dusty areas, or you're an enthusiastic driver, it may benefit you to have your oil changed more often.

As friction and heat break down your oil over time, it loses its ability to properly coat your internal engine parts, leaving them open to extreme wear and damage. This means a loss of power and efficiency, and over time can cause a complete engine failure due to excessive internal wear. By having your engine oil changed at or before the recommended intervals, you can provide your engine the protection it needs. Plus, we'll swap in a new oil filter to help remove contaminants from your engine oil to prevent sludge and additional engine damage.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today

Chances are you already know that your Subaru oil change service is coming soon, if you haven't already gone beyond the recommended interval. Contact Atlantic Subaru today and schedule your oil change service so our team of experts can give your car the attention it deserves.

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