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Subaru Sales Soar Setting Stage for Constrained Supply

Subaru Sales Cause Subaru to Rethink Conservative Strategies

Subaru has seen startling success for the year 2013, with sales in the US far exceeding the Japanese automaker's highly conservative estimates. This has led to a rather envious position for the automaker, namely that factories are charging ahead at full capacity, and we dealers are running hard to keep up with the high demand of our customers.

It is a rather positive bit of embarrassment...
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Climbing to the Clouds with Subaru

Subaru's Title Sponsorship of Mt. Washington's Hillclimb Auto Race and Record-setting Sales Numbers in North America. 

Subaru of America is doing their part in reviving the "Climb to the Clouds" at New Hampshire's Mt. Washington. At an event that hosts some of the best Rally cars and competes favorably with the more popular Pike's Peak Race in Colorado, the Climb to the Clouds will be making a return in 2014 thanks...
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Growing Pains with Subaru’s Successes?

How will the excellent growth and profits increase affect image for Subaru?

As a Subaru dealer, we see many different kinds of people coming in to purchase a vehicle. Some are drawn to the reliability and security in a vehicle with AWD capabilities. Others by the rugged designs and Subaru's blending of function and finesse with sleek lines without sacrificing utility.

Whether you are interested in off-road excursions or simply arriving safely and securely...
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Subaru Safety

 Building Confidence Through A Better Process

Innovation, quality, individuality. These are a couple of terms that define Subaru. Fun, freedom, and adventure are ideals we embody as dealers and consumers of Subaru products. We don't see these terms as lifeless, as corporate lingo for attracting dollars to our coffers, they are terms we are mindful of when we sell our vehicles, start to finish. Every car we release from the lot, through quality control…
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Sixty Seasons of Subaru Success

Fuji Heavy Industries Turns Sixty in 2013

Fuji Heavy Industries, Subaru's parent company, is sixty years young this month, and is seeing great success in 2013, with exceptional sales of it's popular Outback and Forester lines in the US and Japan. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, the Outback is a Top Safety Pick within the class. To Subaru's surprise, it's newer line of XV Crosstreks are overwhelmingly successful ...
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Japanese Consumers Saying "Hai" to Subaru Hybrids

Increase in domestic sales dramatically surpasses Subaru expectations.

 In a market historically cool to the hybrid's somewhat chic status in the United States, Japanese consumers are now demanding more Subaru hybrids than the company initially thought.

According to Subaru, the demand for its hybrid vehicles in Japan exceeds expectations by a factor of ten, with 5,850 orders in the first two weeks against an allotted 550 monthly order projection. In the United States ...
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Subaru Summer All Wheel Drive Away

Don't miss the Subaru Summer All Wheel Drive Away event! Amazing savings are available on 2013 Outback, Impreza, and Legacy models through July 1st!

As the weather warms, this is the perfect time to cruise to the beach in a brand new Subaru. Right now your can get these deals:

2013 Outback: On Sale Now $21,990 and 0% Financing...
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Once a Subaru Owner, Always a Subaru Owner

Once a Subaru owner, always a Subaru owner - an adage that Subaru has made more concrete with their Subaru Guaranteed Trade-in Program, a no gimmick guarantee ensuring Subaru owners the best trade-in values on their old Subaru chariots.
Subaru makes a promise to guarantee the value of a trade-in vehicle six years from the original vehicle start date when a new later model year Subaru vehicle is purchased. So long as the vehicle is in...
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Small SUVs Fail Safety Test, Subaru Forester Passes

In recent crash-testing reports released by the Institute for Highway Safety, Subaru received another top safety award - extending the company's legacy for safe and fun-to-drive, high performance vehicles. Among leading manufacturers, the Subaru Forester and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport were the only cars to earn perfect scores on the "small overlap" crash test
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