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Most drivers probably don't pay much attention to the geometry of an engine block. However, it's important for car buyers in Bourne on Cape Cod to understand the unique design of the Subaru Forester's BOXER powertrain. During combustion, the cylinders in this unique engine move back and forth in a horizontal path. This mechanism is dramatically different than the motion of cylinders in V or inline configurations. The BOXER system in this Subaru crossover SUV displaces approximately 2.5 L. Designed to minimize fuel consumption, the Auto Start-Stop System closely monitors the speedometer and tachometer for idle performance. You'll also find a handful of other segment-leading technologies under the hood of the Forester, such as the Subaru Intelligent Drive. When activated, the SI-DRIVE regulates the Engine Control Unit for optimum performance. Additionally, this signature unit governs the behavior of the Transmission Control Unit. After a full combustion cycle, the BOXER engine diverts torque to the Lineartronic transmission. Instead of using automatic or manual controls, this continuously variable transmission utilizes a combination of both mechanisms. When the gearbox is engaged, torque is properly converted into rotational motion for the Symmetrical AWD.

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The Forester is equipped with several driving aides that are fine-tuned for handling challenging road conditions. When you get on a winding road, the Steering Responsive Headlights illuminate the corners of the projected path. These LED-powered headlights move in sync with the steering system. The fog lights on this Subaru crossover SUV also have multiple LED bulbs. From bicycles to cargo boxes, you can attach various items to the car's raised roof rails. A unique cargo area is also available inside the floor of this versatile family vehicle. You can load all other items into the rear cargo gate that has a memory system for several positions.

Featuring a WiFi hotspot, the Subaru Forester offers the ultimate connectivity for off-road trips in Barnstable, Plymouth, Hyannis, Falmouth, and New Bedford. You can use SiriusXM Travel Link and Traffic to plan your family getaway. There are plenty of other technological amenities in the STARLINK Multimedia Navigation. You'll see lots of popular apps on the 8.0-inch LCD touch screen that responds to various types of hand gestures.



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