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At Atlantic Subaru we know that our vehicles are the best value available, if you're not sure about buying a new vehicle, check out this list of why you should buy a new Subaru vehicle.

Symmetrical AWD

Subaru's innovative symmetrical all-wheel drive systems pairs beautifully with its Boxer engine to put power on the wheel where it's needed. This AWD allows you to conquer any road conditions and stay in control when you drive. The Subaru's symmetrical AWD is designed better than other manufacturer's AWD and allows for a lower center of gravity and smoother distribution of power.


Subaru owners already know about the staying power of these great vehicles. 96% of Subaru vehicles sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today, that means that when you buy a Subaru you are buying a long-term investment. Your vehicle will get you where you need to be for many years to come.


Families love Subaru because they make sure their vehicles offer security to drivers. Vehicles in the 2018 lineup like the Impreza and the Crosstrek were awarded Top Safety Pick awards. So if you are looking for a safe vehicle in the Cape Cod area, then consider buying a Subaru at Atlantic Subaru.

The Subaru Starlink System

The safety and multimedia system dubbed Starlink is standard on all models, and it gives you a huge amount of luxury, convenience, and security. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability comes with it as well as a navigation system and voice command. All these features make for an intelligent car and a unique driving experience.

Innovative Boxer Engine

The Subaru Boxer engine allows for extra power with endurance in mind. The flat laying engine design balances efficiency with power to give you a ride that sets Subaru vehicles apart from the others. Boxer engines are usually only found in high-end, performance brands like Porsche, but Subaru has equipped their vehicles so that everyone can enjoy a powerful, world-class ride in a functional vehicle.

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